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Previous conferences

This is a popular series of conferences every four years, starting in Cologne in 1991, where it also took place in 1995 and 1999. It was held in Barcelona in 2003, Rotterdam in 2007, Rennes in 2011 and Naples in 2015. The conference attracts between 100-200 delegates each time and has led to four edited volumes of books and two special journal issues.

Books and special issues from CARME:

  • Correspondence Analysis in the Social Sciences (Academic Press, 1994)

  • Visualization of Categorical Data (Academic Press, 1998)

  • Multiple Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods (Chapman & Hall, 2006)

  • Special issue of Computational Statistics and Data Analysis (2009)

  • Visualization and Verbalization of Data (Chapman & Hall, 2014)

  • Special issue of Italian Journal of Applied Statistic (2018)

Visit the CARME website for more information:

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