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The Multivariate Data Analysis Group of the South African Statistical Association will be hosting the first
Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods conference
outside Europe, ​4 - 6 February 2019, Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Special Featured Streams

Applications in Ecology

CARME in Business and Finance

Compositional Data Analysis 

CARME in Social Science

Big Data

Other topics

  • correspondence analysis in all its variants: simple, multiple, joint, non-symmetrical and canonical correspondence analysis

  • all other branches of multivariate analysis

  • applications in a wide spectrum of fields: sociology, finance, food research, ecology, marketing, psychology, education, linguistics, archaeology, etc.

  • compositional data analysis

  • analysis and modelling of categorical data

  • cluster analysis

  • multivariate data visualization

  • "big data" applications

  • geometric data analysis

  • data visualization

  • homogeneity analysis

  • optimal and dual scaling

  • history of statistical graphics

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